The following errors have been found in the thesis, ”Some Aspects of Thallium(III) Halide and Pseudohalide Coordination in Solution”. Johan Blixt, TRITA-OOK-1035.

Page numberreadsshould read
Paper I p 77880.95 V2.22 V
Paper VI p 4 l 35d9 - 6s5d9Z2 - 6s
Paper VI p 4 l 65d9Z2 - 6s5d9 - 6s
Paper VI p 17 l 12TlCl4-TlCl4-
Paper VI p 18 l 7asymmetricsymmetric
Paper VI p 26 l 7Tl(OH)Cl+ and Tl(OH)Br+TlCl2+ and TlBr2+
Paper VI Fig. 7cTl(CN)3(H2O)2Tl(CN)3(H2O)

Paper VI p 19, the following text is missing at the bottom of the page:

a distance Tl-O ≈ 2.4 Å (cf. Table III) are still coordinated. It is interesting that whereas the Tl-X distance does not change from TlX2+ to TlX2+ (for X = Cl, Br), the Tl-OH2 distance increases considerably, by ~0.1 Å. This is probably due to a strong decrease of the

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