The Adventures of Ellery Queen

The Adventures of Ellery Queen ELLERY QUEEN has been called "the logical successor to Sherlock Holmes." Here are eleven mystery stories which show why. They involve, among other things, a murdered man who took time out from dying to paint a beard on a lady's portrait; a woman who couldn't stop buying black cats; and a body which wouldn't stay put at an Alice-in-Wonderland party. All in all, this volume provides a wonderful selection of the best tales of suspense and murder by the great master, Ellery Queen.

  • The African Traveller
  • The Hanging Acrobat
  • The One-penny Black
  • The Bearded Lady
  • The Three Lame Men
  • The Invisible Lover
  • The Teakwood Case
  • "The Two-headed Dog"
  • The Glass-domed Clock
  • The Seven Black Cats
  • The Mad Tea-party

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