Double Double

Double Double There were three deaths before ELLERY QUEEN was called in on the case ...

  1. Luke MacCaby - A "heart-attack" killed Wrightsville's Town Hermit and revealed that he had left a fortune of $4,000,000!

  2. Johan Spencer Hart, The Wealthiest Man in Town, committed "Suicide" and was discovered to have been penniless!

  3. Tom Anderson, The Town Drunk, "disappeared", leaving only his hat and coat at the edge of a cliff!

But that was only the beginning. Soon there was another "death," then another, and another ... until MURDER HAD STRUCK SEVEN TIMES. The most diabolic killer Ellery Queen had ever known was on the loose ... AND HE LEFT NO CLUES!

[Johan Blixt] [Ellery Queen]

15 januari 2005 / Johan Blixt /