The Egyptian Cross Mystery

The Egyptian Cross Mystery MURDER BY CRUCIFIXION

On Christmas Eve, an eccentric schoolmaster in the little town of Arroyo, W. Va., was brutally murdered. He was found with his head cut off, crucified on a sign post at a cross roads near his house. In the course of the next year, three other men, in various places, were found with their heads cut off, crucified likewise in the form of a T. Everyone working on the case, including Ellery Queen, was completely baffled. But Ellery had the feeling that there was one clue he didn't possess which would suddenly bring the whole tangled and eerie puzzle into line and give him the solution. That clue came to him with the fourth murder.

This novel has justly been called "Ellery Queen's weirdest adventure." A good many fans have gone further; they consider it his very best story.

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15 januari 2005 / Johan Blixt /