The New Adventures of Ellery Queen

The New Adventures of Ellery Queen NINE COMPLETE STORIES!

NINE NEW Adventures of Ellery Queen! A complete novel and eight more short stories! The Lamp of God, the novel, is one of the weirdest stories about a disappearing house that only can be matched by Poe.
... A most ingenious tale about a curious treasure hunt, hidden gold, a house of horror, and murder. The solution depends on the whim of a dead man in building two identical houses, and fate in producing two almost identical people.
Four sports mysteries featuring baseball, horse racing, pugilism and football full of the sporting world vernacular, will delight the fans. The New Adventures of The Treasure Hunt, The Hollow Dragon, The House of Darkness and The Bleeding Portrait complete the list of stories.
Ellery Queen at his best.... New adventures.... humor.... horror.... romance.... and the supreme in deduction and observation! Try and match Ellery Queen with your wits. Enjoy his versatility in this marvelous variety of stories.

  • The Lamp of God
  • The Treasure Hunt
  • The Hollow Dragon
  • The House of Darkness
  • The Bleeding Portrait
  • Man Bites Dog
  • Long Shot
  • Mind over Matter
  • Trojan Horse

[Johan Blixt] [Ellery Queen]

15 januari 2005 / Johan Blixt /