Queen's Bureau of Investigation

TO: The reader

FROM: The Queen's Bureau of Investigation

In the closely guarded record room of the Q.B.I. is a top-secret file marked Special. This file contains the most unusual cases I have ever worked on - cases that are memorable beceause of an unusual clue, a unique criminal, a surprising situation or a shocking crime.

From these special cases of murder, blackmail, kidnapping and narcotic, I have chosen eighteen that posed the most mystifying problems I have ever encountered.

  • Money Talks
  • A Matter of Seconds
  • The Three Widows
  • "My Queer Dean!"
  • Driver's Seat
  • A Lump of Sugar
  • COLD Money
  • The Myna Birds
  • A Question of Honor
  • The Robber of Wrightsville
  • Double Your Money
  • Miser's Gold
  • Snowball in July
  • The Witch of Times Square
  • The Gambler's Club
  • GI Story
  • The Black Ledger
  • Child Missing!

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16 januari 2005 / Johan Blixt / johan@jblixt.se