Ross Thomas
YearTitleSvensk titel
1966The Cold War Swap / Spy in the VodkaFarligt byte
1967Cast A Yellow ShadowDöd på beställning
1967The Seersucker Whipsaw
1969The Singapore WinkMannen som dog två gånger
1970The Fools in Town Are on Our Side
1971The Backup Men
1972The Porkchoppers
1973If You Can’t Be Good
1975The Money Harvest
1976Yellow-Dog Contract
1978Chinaman’s ChanceKinesens chans
1979The Eigth Dwarf
1981The Mordida Man
1983Missionary Stew
1984Briarpatch Törnesnåret
1987Out on the Rim
1989The Fourth DurangoEn gudsfärgäten stad
1990Twilight at Mac’s Place
1992Voodoo, LtdAktiebolaget Voodoo
1994Ah, Treachery!

Featuring McCorkle and Padillo.

Writing as Oliver Bleeck

1969The Brass Go-Between
1971Protocol For a Kidnapping
1972The Procane Chronicle / The Thief Who Painted Sunlight / St. Ives
1974The Highbinders
1976No Questions Asked

All featuring Philip St. Ives

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