Donald E Westlake

No longer updated as I've lost interest in Westlake
The index should be reasonably complete for 1960-2002

YearAlMaTitleSvensk titel
60The Mercenaries / The SmashersDöda talar inte
61JBAElizabeth Taylor
61Killing Time / The OperatorDags att dö
61EWBrother and Sister
61EWCampus Doll
61EWYoung and Innocent
62EWStrange Affair
62361Driva i döden
62RSPThe Hunter / Point Blank / PaybackStöten
63RSPThe Man With the Getaway Face / Steel HitBluffen
63RSPThe OutfitMaffian
63RSPThe MournerStölden
63RSPThe Score / KilltownGänget
64Pity Him Afterwards
65The Fugitive PigeonDödens lammunge
65RSPThe JuggerFällan
66The Busy BodyKonstiga kroppar
66RSPThe Handle / Run LethalRånet
66TCKinds of Love, Kinds of DeathSådan kärlek, sådan död
66RSPThe Seventh / The SplitJakten
66The Spy in the OintmentSpion i het soppa
67RSGThe DamselKall beräkning
67God Save the MarkEn skojares arv
67RSPThe Rare Coin ScoreKuppen
67RSPThe Green Eagle ScoreChocken
67TCMurder Among ChildrenUng bråd död
68RSPThe Black Ice ScoreRovet
68The Curious Facts Preceding My Execution and Other Fictions
68Who Stole Sassi Manoon?
69RSGThe DameHon ska ändå dö
69RSGThe Blackbird
69Somebody Owes Me MoneyFörsök inte med en annan
69RSPThe Sour Lemon ScoreDubbelspelet
69Up Your Banners
70Adios Scheherazade
70DThe Hot RockDen heta stenen
70TCA Jade in AriesHoroskop
70TCWax AppleVaxäpplet
70TJCEx Officio / Power Play
71RSPDeadly EdgeKapet
71I Gave at the Office
71RSGLemons Never LieTre om stöten
71RSPSlaygroundDödlig fälla
72Under an English Heaven
72DBank ShotBank på villovägar
72MJCComfort Station
72Cops and RobbersTjuv och polis
72TCDon’t Lie to MeLjug inte
72RSPPlunder Squad
73Gangway [1]Fritt fram
74RSPButcher’s Moon
74Help, I am Being Held PrisonerHjälp dom har satt mig på kåken!
74DJimmy the KidBarnsligt enkelt
75Brothers Keepers
75A Travesty
75Two Much
76Dancing Aztecs / A New York DanceDansen kring guldprästen
77Enough – A Travesty (& Ordo)Nu räcker det!
77DNobody’s PerfectEn tavla för mycket
80Castle in the AirLuftslott!
83DWhy MeVarför just jag?
84A Likely Story
84LevineBrottsplats Brooklyn
85DGood BehaviorGott uppförande
85High Adventure
86SHI Know a Trick Worth Two of That
86SHOne of Us is Wrong
87SHWhat I Tell You Three Times is False
87MTransylvania Station
87MHigh Jinx
88STrust me on This
89Sacred Monster
89Tomorrow’s Crimes [2]
89SHThe Fourth Dimension is Death
90DDrowned HopesDränkta förhoppningar
93DDon’t Ask
94SBaby, Would I Lie?
96Murderous Schemes: An Anthology Of Classic Detective Stories [3]
96DWhat’s the Worst That Could Happen?
97The Ax
99A Good Story and Other Stories
00The Hook
01Bad News
02Put a Lid on It

[1] with Brian Garfield
[2] this collection of short stories includes Anarchaos
[3] edited by Westlake

Main character:
SSara Joslyn
MMohonk Mysteries written with Abby Westlake
TCTucker Coe
JBAJohn B Allan
RSRichard Stark
MJCMorgan J Cunningham
CCCurt Clark
TJCTimothy J Culver
SHSamuel Holt
EWEdwin West

Westlake is one of the authors of The Perfect Murder, a book by Jack Hitt, with Lawrence Block, Sarah Caudwell, Tony Hillerman, Peter Lovesy (1992).

Plus, at the beginning of his career, Westlake got a job writing what he calls "euphemism" books: sex novels, but containing nothing explicit. He wrote eight of these paperbacks, and wrote three in collaboration with Lawrence Block.

Among the books that contain chapters by Westlake: "John D. MacDonald: A Remembrance" in Mystery Scene Reader (1987; published by Fedora, Inc. -- may actually be considered more of a magazine, but it looks like a book).

Westlake wrote the introduction to the compilation "Thurber On Crime".

There are Westlake contributions to the book "Murder Ink", edited by Dilys Winn.

Original list by Staffar Moberg, additions and corrections by Christer Larsson, Chris Poggiali, Ulf Andersson, Alan Howard, Mike Anderson and others.

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